Graham Cleghorn….victim of injustice in Cambodia?

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January 4 2007

Graham Cleghorn Appeal Postponed!
from Rudolf Knuchel
Angkor Hotel, Siem Reap

Graham’s sixth Appeal attempt has been postponed again today morning by the judge to January 31st 2007!!!

The Court failed to have Graham transferred today morning from Prey Sor Prison to the Court in time for his appeal, the prison authorities had not received a written order from the Chief Justice of the Appeal Court.

It is amazing, that this negligence on the part of the Cambodian Justice System is allowed to go on without any strong condemnation from the Ministry of Justice itself, from Human Rights advocates, the Embassies accredited to this country, the press or the lawyers representing this man. A similar poor performance of administrative duties was already the reason for last postponement. (No court summons where issued)