Graham Cleghorn….victim of injustice in Cambodia?

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Rudolf E. Knuchel
General Manager
Angkor Hotel

December 8 2006
Graham Cleghorn Appeal Postponed

Today was the third time Graham’s appeal failed:

Please be reminded of the facts:

The 1st Appeal with Natch Tree as his lawyer was postponed by the Court due to the fact, that in the judges files there where different birth dates for the accusers and this was taken by the judge as a cause to postpone at the very beginning of the appeal. (The CWCC wanted to make them younger)

The 2nd Appeal was held without the presence of Graham, his lawyer and family. No information was given to any of them. It was only after intervention by the New Zealand Ambassador with the Government that a new Appeal was ordered by the Ministry of Justice.

The 3rd Appeal today was postponed because the CWCC decided not to appear. Their lawyer, the accusers nor the CWCC where in Court. However CWCC Phnom Penh Office peoples where in the crowd?!?! Dismissing their stand that they had not been informed.