Graham Cleghorn….victim of injustice in Cambodia?

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June 21 2006

Cambodian lawyer quits Cleghorn case

The New Zealand lawyer for Graham Cleghorn, who has been jailed in Cambodia on sex charges, says his client has been left without legal representation just days before an appeal of his case.

Cleghorn, who was convicted of raping five of his workers, claims a Cambodian women's refuge set him up.

His lawyer Greg King says the Cambodian representative acting for his client has quit, with the Cambodian court setting an appeal date which will leave a new lawyer with little time to prepare.

King says he suspects the timing is deliberate, and that the former lawyer left out of frustration with the Cambodian justice system.

He says the Cambodian court has recently dismissed appeals of similar convictions by two Australians, despite the victims recanting their stories of rape.