Graham Cleghorn….victim of injustice in Cambodia?

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February 27 2006

Answers wanted in Cleghorn case

New Zealand's ambassador to Thailand expects to find out within the next two weeks why a New Zealand man's court appeal in Cambodia was heard without his knowledge.

Graham Cleghorn, 55, was convicted of raping five young women in what his lawyer Greg King says was a farcical trial. He was sentenced in 2004, but his lawyer says he was set up and his recent appeal breached all known human rights. The appeal was held last month without Cleghorn's knowledge

His lawyer wants to present evidence from the women stating the sex crimes never happened

Ambassador Peter Rider says he is waiting to have meetings confirmed with the Cambodian Court of Appeal president and the Justice Minister. He plans to discuss with them the process of serving appeals and how to keep the New Zealand and British embassies informed of progress in Cleghorn's case.

Rider says he wants to ensure Cleghorn gets an opportunity for another appeal against his sentence.

Cleghorn's daughter Heidi Madeley says she is disappointed with the assistance offered by the New Zealand government.

She says she feels the New Zealand government initially believed her father was guilty and officials have told her little about his case nor have they done much to help him.

The deputy secretary of the consulate division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Caroline Forsyth, says New Zealand's ambassador to Bangkok has kept a close eye on the case with New Zealand officials travelling to Cambodia on a regular basis.

Madeley says Cleghorn is desperate for a retrial.