Graham Cleghorn….victim of injustice in Cambodia?

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February 22 2006

Call for action over jailed Kiwi's trial

The lawyer for a New Zealand man serving 20 years in a Cambodian prison says New Zealand politicians should be speaking out about his client's right to a fair trial.

Graham Cleghorn, 55, was convicted of raping five young women in what his lawyer Greg King says was a farcical trial. He was sentenced in 2004, but his lawyer says he was set up and his recent appeal breached all known human rights.

Cleghorn was granted an appeal last month but wasn't told of it and wasn't represented.

King says that he would like to see more politicians speaking out about Cleghorn's case and the importance of a fair trial.

He compared the reaction of New Zealand politicians to the reaction of Australian politicians over the trial of young Australian drug traffickers in Bali.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stepped in to help last week.

New Zealand's ambassador in Bangkok has met with Cambodian officials to raise concerns about the case.

The ministry says it only learnt of last month's appeal in the past week and by international standards it breaches Graham Cleghorn's right to a fair hearing.

King says diplomatic efforts should now be stepped up