Graham Cleghorn….victim of injustice in Cambodia?

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February 18 2006

Concern for Kiwi prisoner in Cambodia

The New Zealand lawyer representing a man jailed in Cambodia on sex charges says he appalled that an appeal took place without his client's knowledge.

Two years ago Graham Cleghorn, 55, formally from Petone, was jailed for 20 years in Cambodia on sex charges.

Lawyer Greg King says his client did not know about his appeal hearing, and was not present or represented.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also expressed concern at the way Cambodian authorities have dealt with a New Zealand man imprisoned in the country.

A ministry spokesperson says it has been advised that an appeal for Cleghorn has been heard, without his knowledge.

New Zealand Ambassador in Bangkok Peter Rider has expressed concern to Cambodia about the process. 

King says he is waiting for Cambodian authorities to get back to MFat in New Zealand to find out why it happened.

He says his client was pinning his hopes on an appeal.