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The Dominion Post
March 29 2004

Cambodia nabs sex predators

Cambodian police have arrested a record number of foreigners, including New Zealanders, suspected of preying on children for sex in the past 15 months, pointing to rapid progress in the enforcement of laws against paedophilia, police and activists say.

"I think police have become more sensitised, and are fed up with people coming to have sex with kids," said Pierre Legros, director of the group Acting for Women in Distressing Circumstances, known by its French acronym AFESIP, which helps child victims of sexual exploitation.

From the beginning of 2003 till March this year, Cambodian police arrested at least 16 suspected foreign paedophiles -- up from eight in 2002. The men came from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand and the United States and were mostly charged with debauchery, a Cambodian legal term for sexually abusing minors.

This month a New Zealand teacher living in Cambodia, Malcolm Anthony Hatfield, 58, was detained on charges of having sex with under-age boys.

He was charged with debauchery and if convicted faces 10 to 15 years' imprisonment.

Former Petone man Graham Cleghorn -- who for the past 10 years has lived in Siam Reap, about 230 kilometres from Phnom Penh -- is in jail facing allegations of sex offences with young girls.

And former Wellington lawyer Stuart Coghill, a convicted paedophile, quit his job at a Cambodian legal aid agency last year after newspaper revelations that he is wanted on dozens of child porn charges.