Graham Cleghorn.victim of injustice in Cambodia?

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Ecpat New Zealand
February 24, 2004

New Zealander jailed for 20 years for sex crimes in Cambodia
Press Release

The 20 year jail term handed out to New Zealander Graham Cleghorn, for sex crimes against minors in Cambodia, was welcomed by two groups fighting child sex tourism, ECPAT NZ and Stop Demand.

Spokesperson for both groups, Denise Ritchie, who is currently visiting Bangkok, said "This case is a reminder to New Zealanders who travel overseas and commit sex crimes against children, that they can look forward to spending a lengthy stint in a foreign jail for such acts. There is a growing global commitment to stamp out child sex tourism, an industry that has grown in recent years, to meet demand fueled by tourists, travelling businessmen, the armed forces and expats like Cleghorn. "