Graham Cleghorn….victim of injustice in Cambodia?

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October 27, 2003

Kiwi charged with rape in Cambodia

A NZ man was charged with raping three teenagers, and his Cambodian wife was charged with pimping them in northwestern Cambodia, a newspaper reports.

Graham Robert Cleghorn, 55, was charged with raping three girls ages 14 to 18, investigating Judge Ang Mealatey was quoted as saying by The Cambodia Daily.

Cleghorn's arrest in Siem Reap was confirmed by John Mitchell, deputy head of mission at the British Embassy, which looks after New Zealand's intersts in Cambodia.

An embassy official visited Cleghorn in jail on Friday, Mitchell said without elaborating.

The girls were bought from poor rural families and kept at the couple's home to do housework, and were forced to sleep with Cleghorn at night, the paper quoted Sun Bunthang, head of Siem Reap's anti-human trafficking office, as saying.

Cleghorn's wife, Bun Toeur, was charged with pimping the girls. The report did not say if the girls were also allegedly being used as sex workers outside the home.

A total of five girls were found at the couple's home and were taken to the Cambodian Women's Crisis Centre, the newspaper said.

Child rights advocates have warned that Cambodia has become a haven for foreign pedophiles due to lax law enforcement, corruption in the courts and the easy availability of young boys and girls who are forced into prostitution by poverty.

This year, two American men in Cambodia were charged with debauchery with boys, and a British man completed a three-year prison sentence on charges of child pornography.

Siem Reap lies 230km northwest of the capital, Phnom Penh, and is home to the ancient Angkor temple complex, Cambodia's main tourist attraction.